The driving force of the Wood Industry Cluster is the Cluster Office. It is responsible for the coordination of the Cluster activities and important projects of common interest. It cooperates with a number of external partners, who are experts in certain fields.

The main tasks of the Cluster Office can be summarized in the following activities;

    • promotion of development of its members
    • organization and coordination of the projects and activities of common interest
    • preparation of projects with a large number of participating companies, wishing to apply for public tenders
    • supporting internationalization
    • supporting the transfer of knowledge into practice
    • supporting the operation of Wood Processing and Furniture Association
    • collaborate in a EU projects
    • activities for strengthen cluster’s infrastructure and network


Cluster Director;

Igor Milavec, BSc.,

Tel.: +386 41 354 130


Bernard Likar, BSc.,

Tel.: +386 41 354 131


Erika Valentincic, MSc.,

Tel.: +386 1 5898 284

Our location;

Dimiceva 13, 1000 Ljubljana,

Tel.: +386 1 5898 284,

Fax.: +386 1 5898 100,

E-mail.: grozd (at)

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