Wood Industry Cluster is actively involved in international and local projects that benefit its members directly or indirectly:

Sustainable wood building culture in the alpine region.

CEE 17+1 ForestryThe project of establishing a Catalog of investment opportunities in the Forest-based sector.

SRIP-logoStrategic research and Innovation Partnership in field of Smart buildings and homes, including wood chain.

FORESDA-logoProject of Danube transnational programme, devoted to the development of Forest-based cross-sectorial value chains fostering innovation and competitiveness in the Danube region.

IQ DOM-logoRDI program ERDF and RS in the context of the public tender “RDI in chains and value networks”, devoted to the development in the field of intelligent home a new generation based on smart devices and wood.

KOCles2-logoThe project is intended to establish a competence center for the development of human resources in wood 2.0, which raises the competence of personnel working in the industry and the competitiveness of employees, companies and industries. Particular emphasis is given to the introduction of design management in companies partners.

eco-silentwoodInternational Horizon 2020 project aimed at development cost competitive eco-friendly and acoustic wooden doors for indoor applications.

Logo-WINTHERWAXInternational Horizon 2020 project aimed at development timber window made of thermally modified spruce with high efficient wax coating and to test windows and also facade elements in natural and artificial environment.

Logo_FurnITInternational Horizon 2020 project aimed at development of Smart Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketplace for Furniture Customisation.

Logo_RS_FINALInternational IEE project aimed at retrofitting a great amount of school buildings to highest nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB) standards by promote appropriate tools, technologies and measures.

rewobiorefInternational WoodWisdom Era-net+ project aimed at mobilisation and utilisation of recycled wood for lignocellulosic bio-refinery processes.

KOCles-logo-250-46Project ESF and RS, with aim to establish needed infrastructure, organization and model of operating of the competence centre for human resources development in wood processing sector as a basis for sustainable system of training in sector.

N1K-logo-250-78International FP7 project, aimed at developing new 1K PU water-based coatings based on seaweed with wide applications potential.

Freefoam-logo-250-67International FP7 project aimed at developing new manufacturing process of PU foam by reducing the concentration of free isocyanate using technology of functional microencapsulation of isocyanate.

IDWOOD-logo-250-64International Project of SEE program designed to build institutional capacity and networking to increase the use of wood in the region of South-eastern Europe.

RC31-logo-250-85Project ERDF and RS, with aim to establish and operating of development centre on the field of creative furniture industry.

Ecovarn-logo-250-53Development of a wear-resistant, functional, regulation-compliant Water-borne Wood Coating.

Silentwood-logo-250-61Multilayered wood-based exterior doors with enhanced acoustic insulating properties for dwellings, sanitation and educative centres. The European Commission has highlighted the project as an example of successful stories – more about see HERE.

Research project RS, Possibilities for restructuring of Slovenian wood industry.

IN2WOOD-logo-198-90Forest-Based Clusters Development and Implementation Measures of a 6-Region Strategic Joint Action Plan for Knowledge-based Regional Innovation.

HCHOlessWOOD-logo-250-88Development of low Formaldehyde Wood-Based Products.

scenetcluster-logo-250-51Programme of Bilateral Official Development Assistance by the Republic of Slovenia, Support to Serbian Wood Processing Industry at accession to international market.

TRInet-logo-218-71The project is aimed at the formation of the innovation hub for interdisciplinary knowledge in collaborative projects that will enable technological development.

knowforwood_logo-250-88Transfer of innovative practices in the Vocational Education & Training to Slovenian Wood Sector.

VOCLESS-logo-250-197Application of advanced wood coating materials and techniques to meet the requirements of the EU VOC-directive.

woodwisdom-logo-200-151Networking and Integration of National Programmes in the Area of Wood Material Science and Engineering in the Forest-Based Value Chains.

The project aims at developing and manufacturing of eco wood glulam for low-energy building.

eureka-elisa-logo-250-529Innovative electro spindle with intelligent solutions and applications.

Sythesis of binders and development of new coating systems with low VOC content for woodworking industry.

IWedu-logo-250-122Expanding good practice in education in the forestry – Wood chain sector through the Innova Network.

imodel-logo-250-116Business model for implementing innovation processes in company performing within EU.

woodism-logo-250-54The main objective of this project is to stimulate, encourage and facilitate the participation of SME of the forest-based and related industries in the European FP6.

The project have aim to establish European Wood based Industry region for future (Austrian province of Charinthia and Burgerland, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia).