Association of clusters and technology networks at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
The mission of the association is to create a favourable environment and climate for collaboration, networking and dialogue among all stakeholders, companies, R&D institutions, educational institutions, the capital and the state.

Furniture and Woodworking Cluster Partnership
European network of Furniture and wood clusters established with the aim of creating joint business / development opportunities and exchanging experiences for the development and strengthening of the competitiveness of member companies.

Network of Forest-based Clusters in the south-eastern and central Europe
The Cluster network was founded in order to achieve the synergy and new business opportunities to develop and strengthen the Cluster and its members’ competitiveness.

CCIS – Wood Processing and Furniture Industry Association
Central and representative wood industry association.

UL, Biotechnical Faculty – Department of Wood Science and Technology
Central developmental higher education organization in the woodworking field.

SRIP Smart buildings and home with a wood chain
Cross-sectoral Strategic Development Innovation Partnership of companies and R&D institutions with the aim of supporting the implementation of the Strategy of Smart Specialization of Slovenia in the field of smart wooden buildings.

UP, Faculty of Design
Independent higher education organization studying furniture design, interior design, product design and design management.

Slovenian Forest-Based Technology Platform
Represents a national platform and is a integral part of the European Forest-based Technology Platform. Its aim is to set a long-term development strategy (to 2030), with a broad support from the trade and industry, as well as from the science and politics.

Association of woodworkers of Slovenia
Independent Professional Association of woodworkers. The main task of the Association is to promote and maintain the creative and professional thinking and concern for the popularization of the woodworking industry and education in all fields, that are of utmost importance for the development of the Slovenian woodworking industry.

Slovenian Forestry Institute
Public research institution of national importance with an extensive research programme in the fields of forest biology, ecology, silviculture and spatial aspects of forests and forest landscapes.

Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute
Is an independent, impartial and non-profit organization, which fulfils all the requirements of EEC Council Directive No. 89/106 regarding approval bodies which carry out the testing and quality certification of construction products.

Centre of Excellence Innorenew COE
The InnoRenew CoE is an independent research institute, formally established in the year 2017 in the frameworks of the project InnoRenew CoE. InnoRenew CoE conducting research about renewable materials and sustainable buildings, and transfer of scientific knowledge into industrial practice.

Zavod BIG
Synergies of business, design and architectural practices for the future..

Portal for Timber Construction
The wooden construction portal is open to all, who are interested in the wooden construction. It provides space to publish articles about the wooden construction and thus encourages discussion about the current problems and professional communication. It also encourages the people to develop a positive attitude and interest in this natural resource.

The main purpose of the event »Charm of Wood« is to promote an increased consumption of wood. The event presents a variety of potential uses of wood. The general public is informed through the media that wood products also contribute to climate change mitigation.

Wood Exchange
The Wood Exchange is a portal with small advertisements in the field of wood and wood-based materials and products, designed primarily for businesses and individuals engaged in the wood and wood products.