Wood Industry Cluster

Wood Industry Cluster

The Institute is a non-profit organisation founded in 1999 by 17 woodworking companies and two institutions as a Wood Industry Development Centre. In 2003, the institute was renamed the Wood Industry Cluster.

The Wood Industry Cluster comprises a third of employees in the forestry and wood-processing industries and the most important research institutions in Slovenia.

We work together on various projects, which are chosen according to the needs of individual companies. The common goal of all these activities is to strengthen the competitiveness of the cluster members.

The Wood Industry Cluster has been operating together with the Association of the Wood and Furniture Industry at the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2007. The association deals with industry policy and coordinates its members’ interests with a wider environment. The Wood Industry Cluster, however, gives operational support to its members, helping them to achieve their goals.

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Research, innovation, creativity, efficient technology, new marketing approaches and business models, competent personnel, new skills, and the achievement of synergy from different domains are the most important tools for the fast development of companies into modern, knowledge-based organisations, flexible, and customer-oriented companies that can successfully compete in the global market.

An increasingly complex and demanding business environment, on the one hand, and more demanding customers, on the other, represent a great challenge for companies, to which they can successfully respond with the support of institutions of knowledge holders and interconnection.

The mission of the Wood Industry Cluster is to promote the integration of companies and research institutions, aiming at improving knowledge transfer within the companies, facilitating their participation in international development projects, and implementing projects of common interest, resulting in knowledge-based competitiveness.

The main areas of our work

The main areas of our work

R & D projects and business development support

Training for companies

Internationalization of companies

Transfer of knowledge by linking R&D and companies

Support for the circular economy and digitalisation of companies

Strengthening the sectoral support network for the benefit of businesses

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